Training & Education

Access education at your convenience and at your own pace with online education courses developed by our team of clinical prosthetists.  Our goal is to provide you with the best online learning experience in an engaging and interactive manner.  Choose from our online courses below and download our Clinical Education Brochure for a full list of in-person course offerings. 

 Kinnex is back and better than ever. Come take a look at our 2nd generation 

Kinnex and learn about the clinical benefits of the product, and how to fit, align, and fine tune it to meet your patients’ needs. 

 Explore PROTEOR USA’s full foot portfolio including unique features and benefits, 

material properties of both carbon fiber and fiberglass, and how our feet are manufactured. 

 Discover PROTEOR USA’s ankle systems, the Kinterra and Kinnex. Identify the 

biomechanical advantages of hydraulic ankles for individuals with both transtibial and transfemoral amputations and identify the most appropriate patients for each. 

 Learn the fundamentals of the Plié 3 microprocessor knee including our Programming in 5 Minutes or Less methodology.  

 Learn the fundamentals of the ALLUX 2 4-bar microprocessor knee including the background, set up, alignment, and programming of the product. Certification is required before fitting an ALLUX 2. 

 Dive into the world of elevated vacuum with research supported clinical benefits of elevated vacuum. Then learn how to fit and set up PROTEOR USA’s EVAQ8 feet.