The Symphony Knee is designed with a unique, 6-Bar polycentric structure that provides an extremely high level of stability during stance phase. The Symphony's innovative mechanical sensor, the p-MRS system, automatically detects gait status and controls the stability of the knee joint accordingly.

The hydraulic cylinder provides a smooth swing phase and works with the Symphony's adjustable stance flexion feature to enhance the patient’s ambulatory experience and provide a comfortable, confident gait to the user.

• 6-Bar hydraulic knee.

• Adjustable stance flexion.

• Easy to access user adjustable manual lock.

• High level of stability due to geometric locking of the knee through toe off.

• Low build height.

• Unique hydraulic cylinder design allows easy flexion initiation.

• Convenient and user friendly 7.75in overall height.

• High maximum flexion angle of 170°.


A Perfect Composition. 

Fluidity, Functionality and Safety.