Ultimate Flexibility for a Smoother Gait 

The Freedom Sierra prosthetic foot incorporates a long carbon fiber spring to provide users a smooth gait over a broad

spectrum of activities. The split toe design provides excellent inversion-eversion so that amputees can walk with

confidence on uneven terrain. A full-length heel enables foot flat early in the gait cycle, providing a compliant foot

with a stable base of support. The result is a product that allows amputees to walk comfortably with confidence.

• Water-resistant

• Angle-top design increases the length of the carbon fiber spring, providing a smoother gait and ultimate flexibility.

• Split toe delivers excellent inversion-eversion.

• Full-length heel enables foot flat early in the gait cycle, providing a stable base of support and exceptionally smooth gait.

• Rated up to 365lbs, 36-month warranty.


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