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Increased performance. Increased comfort. 

Added torsion. 

The RUSH ROGUE® provides the most realistic and dynamic foot and ankle motion available. The Vertical Loading Pylon provides comfortable relief from high impact loading allowing the user to push the foot to the limits. The components are made of advanced fiberglass composite which is three times more flexible that most conventional prosthetic feet. The roll through characteristics of the foot provide exceptional energy return with no “dead spot”.  

• Vertical Loading Pylon for vertical shock relief and impact absorption.
• Smooth roll through for high energy return and comfortable in any        situation.
• Biomimetic ankle action to simulate the human foot.
• Extreme reliability for extended use in any high impact application. 
• Rotational torsion relief to ease the impact to knees, hip and back.

• Highly-dynamic.

• Durable.

• Smooth roll-over.

• High-energy return.

• All-terrain.

• Waterproof (fresh or salt water).

• Reduced socket issues.


The RUSH ROGUE is also available in the EVAQ8 Elevated Vacuum and H2O models. 

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