Updated: Nov 28, 2018

TEMPE, Ariz., Jan. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Ability Dynamics, LLC (now PROTEOR USA) a developer of next-generation prosthetic devices announced today the release of the RUSH ROGUE® prosthetic foot.

“How do you improve on the best? You make it better,” states Keith Smith, Ability Dynamics’ VP of Engineering. Smith continues, “We took all the amazing qualities that the RUSH Foot® collection is best known for; such as the extreme durability and smooth roll through; and engineered the ROGUE to be even more comfortable for the end user.”

The new RUSH ROGUE® integrates biomimetic ankle action simulating realistic foot and ankle motion. The addition of the Vertical Loading Pylon provides comfortable relief from high impact loading; offering exceptional rotational torsion relief to ease the impact to knees, hip and back. The roll through characteristics of the foot delivers exceptional energy return with no “dead spot.” The components are made of advanced fiberglass composite which is three times more flexible than most conventional feet.

Recently, Dr. Kenton Kaufman, PhD PE of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, conducted two comprehensive studies to quantify the mechanical properties and overall patient satisfaction between carbon fiber and fiberglass composite materials in prosthetic foot design.

Both studies showed results supporting the use of fiberglass composite materials in prosthetic foot design relating to both performance, as well as patient satisfaction. Download a pdf of the “Comparative Performance of a Fiberglass Dynamic Elastic Response Foot” abstract via this link:…/u…/2016/09/Kaufman-Study-for-print.pdf

“Our team remains focused on delivering products that provide superior outcomes for amputees,” emphasizes Smith, “and we are confident the ROGUE hits that mark with more comfort, more durability and more performance than ever before. This is a whole new generation of RUSH® feet.” Now available in sizes 22-29cm. PDAC approved.

For further information and to order the RUSH ROGUE® visit or call 855.450.7300 today.

Ability Dynamics (now PROTEOR USA), based in Tempe, Arizona, is a full service manufacturer of next generation prosthetic devices. The company offers a wide range of superior quality products and services, deriving from its unparalleled understanding and experience in the industry.

Media Contact: Holly Sanger, PROTEOR USA, 480-244-6684,

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