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Kevin’s Life Changing Freshman Year Story.

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

A college freshman with a basketball scholarship and a newfound sense of independence, Kevin was starting the next chapter in his life with enthusiastic optimism. Little did he know his world was about to change that night he pulled his car over to help a fellow student in need.

Growing up in Baltimore, MD, Kevin was always full of energy and on the go, playing basketball, soccer, and football, and was always willing to help his fellow classmates. He earned a basketball scholarship to his dream college; was thrilled to be starting the next chapter of his life, meeting new people, playing basketball for his college, and exploring campus and his newfound freedom of being on his own.

On his way home from class one night, Kevin saw a car on the side of the road, pulled over to help his classmates and within seconds, his life changed. While Kevin was at his trunk getting an emergency kit, another car collided with the back of his car, pinning him, and crushing both of his legs. His right leg went through a full reconstruction, but they were unable to save his left leg and he underwent a transtibial amputation soon after the accident. At that moment, Kevin felt his life was over, that part of him was missing, and that he’d never be able to be up and active again.

Kevin went through extensive rehabilitation and felt, and he had so many questions. Will I ever play basketball again? What is a prosthetic leg? Where do I get one? What are the differences between them? Each new day came new questions, and he didn’t know where to turn; his internet searches only made this process longer and harder for him. Then, he met Dennis Haun, BS, CPO at Metro Prosthetics in Baltimore, MD, who helped him answer these questions and become optimistic about his future again.

Kevin’s first prosthesis helped him feel more independent and get back to playing basketball, but he felt the first foot he tried didn’t work with him on the court as much as he would like. When playing basketball, it’s all about foot work. You only have .3 seconds to make a decision and need to move quickly, and he felt that foot didn’t allow him to play as well as he knew he could. Dennis Haun, BS, CPO introduced him to the Freedom ShockWave, he instantly noticed how light it was and how natural it felt while walking. After walking a couple of laps around the clinic, he tried a few jumps and quick changes in direction to get a feel of how it would perform on the court. Excited, Kevin left the clinic and drove straight to where he plays basketball. Once there, he noticed how quickly and easily he was able to pivot, and his residual limb wasn’t twisting in the socket like it had been with the other foot. The vertical shock allowed him to play longer without his limb hurting.

The longer Kevin wore the ShockWave, the more he realized it wasn’t just great for basketball. He works long hours on his feet in a warehouse, and at the end of the day he felt less overall fatigue and pain in his residual limb. This allows him to play more football at home with his son since he isn’t so tired and sore after work anymore. A foodie at heart, Kevin appreciates how quickly and easily he can move around the kitchen without feeling any socket movement on his limb while he cooks for his family.

When asked if his accident caused him to think twice about helping people in the future, Kevin said no way! While his decision to pull over and help his fellow classmates that night changed his life plan, he still immediately helps those in need without a second thought. At home with his son and the rest of his family, he’s grateful for every day, and says his accident taught him how to overcome adversity in every part of his life and impart that knowledge to his loved ones and anyone that needs encouragement. By staying true to himself and never giving up, Kevin learned there is life after trauma.

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