Smarter. Submersible.

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The Freedom Plié® 3 fast response adapts to a variety of gait speeds and changes in user activities. Users can instinctively move at their own pace in any direction...even if it’s taking small short steps or pivoting in confined spaces. With Rapid Response technology, The Freedom Plié 3 delivers a more natural transition from swing to stance. Resistance is based on swing flexion — not speed. The result is an instinctive action that feels more like a biological knee and ultimately reduces the amount of effort and energy used by the amputee. Combined with a streamlined, intuitive set up, the Freedom Plié 3 MPC knee makes it even easier for prosthetists to help patients expand their freedom.
• Responds fast, adapting to variety of gait speeds and changes in user activities
• Customizable stumble recovery parameters
• Defaults to stance for increased safety and improved stumble recovery during ambulation and other activities
• Releases on the unloading of the toe for increased safety during ambulation, walking backwards and taking
small steps in all directions
• Customizable swing release provides responsiveness for high K3 users and stability for low K3 users
• Customized manual settings allow low to high K3 users to optimize the Plié for different activities
• Interchangeable batteries for on the go convenience

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