Designed for Real Life.

The Freedom Kinnex integrates the world’s fastest responding microprocessor ankle/foot technology and carbon fiber to provide low to moderate impact K3 ambulators the stability they expect — instantly. Unmatched ground compliance, improved comfort, and automated heel height adjustments keep users firmly grounded and connected, wet or dry.

Designed for low to moderate K3 level ambulators that require unsurpassed ground compliance for everyday activities.

• Water-resistant (IP67).

• Sophisticated microprocessor controlled resistance that helps. optimize stability whenever changes in terrain or cadence occurs.

• Accommodates heel heights from 0-2” and allows user to program up to 100 shoes.

• 30° of microprocessor-controlled motion  20° plantar flexion / 10° dorsi flexion allows the ankle and foot to be ideally positioned in relation to the ground.

• A full length sole plate without bolts ensures seamless stance phase roll-over for superior comfort.

• Kinnex GaitLab App for prosthetist use to set up the patient using a smart phone device.

• Kinnex Patient App for the user to monitor battery status, make heel adjustments, select shoes and fine tune performance and comfort settings.

• Rated to 275lbs, 36-month warranty.


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