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Elevate Your Life.

Achieve upwards of 22inHg in just a few steps.

Finally, an unprecedented elevated vacuum system that seamlessly integrates effective vacuum with the same rugged simplicity of all the RUSH Foot® designs.  The RUSH Foot EVAQ8 Collection is the easy solution to providing maximum vacuum efficiency in just a few quick steps. No batteries or complicated, mechanical pump required.

Unlike the competition, upwards of 22inHg can be achieved with this surprisingly simple, integrated design that stabilizes volume, increases linkage, and heightens proprioception through elevated vacuum suspension.


• Simple, integrated design.

• Stabilizes volume, increases linkage, and heightens proprioception. through elevated vacuum suspension.

• All-terrain,fully-submersible .

• Requires minimal maintenance.

• The RUSH FOOT EVAQ8 Collection is available in the RAMPAGE, HiPro, ROGUE, and RAMPAGE LP models.

The RUSH Foot EVAQ8 Collection is available in the RUSH RAMPAGE LP, RAMPAGE, HiPro and  ROGUE models.

Go anywhere. Do anything.
The RUSH Foot EVAQ8 Collection ELEVATES your life.