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Live Life with an Exclamation!

 The EasyRide knee was created in collaboration with adaptive athletes from around the world to ensure optimal performance capabilities for EXTREME, HIGH IMPACT, ALL-TERRAIN sports such as surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding,

cycling, skiing, and more.


The EasyRide lets you get back to the activities you LOVE without limitations.


Thanks to the technical capabilities and setting possibilities of the FOX® shock

absorber, the EasyRide smoothly reproduces the NATURAL MOTION of the

knee and ensures smooth energy return, closely mimicking the sensations

experienced in extreme sports.


The EasyRide enables participation in high impact sports and cycling thanks to the lightweight, yet sturdy design. Constructed of aeronautical-grade aluminum alloy with a custom hardening treatment, the EasyRide withstands even the most extreme conditions such as SALTWATER and COLD TEMPERATURES.


Depending on the type of sport the user is participating in; the patient is able to customize the knee for optimal function.

  • For SLIDING SPORTS,  the EasyRide adjusts to 12° pre-flexion / 60° max.

  • For CYCLING, the knee allows for both a good load transfer to the pedal and enough flexion for pedaling.

  • For BIKING, EasyRide will be adjusted with 0° pre-flexion / 130° flexion max.