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Aiming to Provide Comfort and Energy Return.


The DynaStar is designed to provide daily comfort to the moderately active amputee. It’s 2-part module is assembled with a unique joint system consisting of a polyurethane (PU) link, and the free connection of the heel blade into the keel. The freedom of movement controlled by the PU link creates a very comfortable foot on any ground, no matter the user’s walking

pace. The combined action of the PU link and the carbon fiber keel absorb ground force reaction at heel strike and for a more flexible and smoother roll over; the split keel and PU allow for eversion-inversion. The design of the DynaStar allows the user to feel lateral and anterior-posterior stability, while the rear stop absorbs possible overloads and ensures safety. The low build-height make it a great option for long BK limbs.

• Excellent comfort thanks to the original link between the keel and the heel strut.

• High stability, ideal for users standing up for long periods of time.

• During load, the energy is stored then released through the upper carbon fiber keel.

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