The Pursuit of Happiness

In pursuit of the world’s safest knee; ALLUX is the first (and ONLY) 4-Bar MPK that controls both stance, and swing phase. Its unique design boasts a dual safety system based on inherent stability factors, and microprocessor control.  The ALLUX knee heightens safety and security while providing exceptional functionality to the user.

  • The greater toe clearance, offered by its polycentric design, REDUCES the probability of STUMBLING. However, in case of stumbling, the microprocessor immediately increases the hydraulic resistance to prevent sudden buckling.

  •  Because of its polycentric characteristics and inherent stability, the ALLUX knee is also suitable for LOW ACTIVITY users as well as long TRANSFEMORAL, and KNEE DISARTICULATE patients.

  •  With its remote controller the user can choose from 5 DIFFERENT MODES as he/she needs, allowing the user

       to participate in ANY ACTIVITY, ANY TIME.



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